I am a Creative Arts Therapist, and a Holistic Therapist.. I have completed the One Year Course in Psychotherapy at Spectrum. I am a qualified workshop facilitator. I am also a member of the Assoc. for Holistic Biodynamic Massage Therapists and the Assoc. for Therapeutic Healers and the Doctor Healer Network.

I am married with three now grown up children with whom I have learnt so much, amidst the joys and challenges of parenthood.

My journey began in 1983 when I massaged my six year old daughter shortly after we had moved home. She found it hard to settle at bedtime As I worked I seem to be sensing the energies of the trees in the beautiful country park where I now walked, through my hands. She relaxed and felt nurtured. That week I enrolled in the Churchill Centre where I studied Swedish Massage and I received my ITEC qualification. This marked the start of my personal and professional journey twenty six years ago.

I received so many insights and from early in my practice as a massage therapist and healer,

I became aware of how the body tightens and creates areas of blocked energy.

I studied Mental Colour Healing at the Maitreya School of Healing , and later completed professional development courses in Therapeutic Healing, Chakra Psychology and Dynamic Healing with Delcia McNeil.

I studied Holistic Aromatherapy with Nicole Perez where I discovered the subtlety of combining essential oils to enhance a person’s energy field. I completed a course in Biodynamic Massage at the Chiron Centre. This became the ‘back bone’ of my massage practice as I was shown how to work and connect with the rhythm of the bodymind,

The training I took at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education In The Therapeutic and Educational Application of The Arts transformed my life.. I learned to find the joy of creativity and of its impact to enhance so many different aspects of my life and the difference it has made to other people’s wellbeing when they have found the freedom to express their own inate creative expression in an individual session or in a workshop.

I have worked with doctors and psychiatrists and for the Cancer Support Team at Barnet General Hospital and Cherry Lodge Cancer Care. My personal and professional journey continues to be one of inspiration, challenge and self discovery.

I look forward to helping to empower you on your journey.

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