Therapeutic Healing

What is Therapeutic Healing ?
Therapeutic Healing is the channelling of universal healing energy. The healer tunes into the client and channels this energy through her body by placing her hands gently on the person or above it to relax and revitalise the system.

Working with the subtle energy field
A person’s subtle energy field extends further than their physical body, frequently this field needs to be ‘swept’ or cleansed after a person has experienced the effects of stress, noise, pollution, electricity generated over-load to the system (our bodies were not designed for computers, televisions and Mobile phones) and can create an energetic-overload or depletion in the body.

How can Healing benefit you life?
Therapeutic Healing goes to the heart of a person, cleansing and re-aligning the whole energy system to help to restore vitality and balance, in helping to release deeply held patterns in the energy system. It is a deeply relaxing and an empowering experience. It is totally safe and non-invasive.

The Session
The client is fully clothed, either lying down or seated. The healer lays their hands on or off the body, and the client may feel a pleasant feeling of warmth or tingling sensation in their body as the body starts to adjust to this energy. This channelled energy can promote a greater sense of peace and well-being and of spiritual, mental and physical harmony, ease aches and pains and can change a person’s outlook by aiding their acceptance when facing chronic and often debilitating illnesses.

How I work
I work intuitively, scanning each person’s energy field to note where the imbalance is and how best to proceed. I encourage clients to support their healing process by teaching them relaxation techniques which can include meditation and creative bodywork.

To aid the healing process, it is good to relax after treatment, to understand that your body needs time to heal and to learn new ways of self-healing. Healing needs to be on-going over a period of time to be effective.

The session lasts approximately one hour.

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