“Jo is wonderful because she helps me with my joint movement. This enables me to function as I should. The meditation and focusing on my breath helps me. I face obstacles with calmness. I have much more awareness”… June

“When I’m really aching you help me – also you help me mentally if I’m feeling really stressed”….Colin

“Healing from the inside out…Feeling able to deal with what life throws at me. Change in body-shape after many years of treatment”…Shyamala.

“When you massage me I feel very relaxed and nurtured”…Terry

“I want to develop ways of depicting my sensations – how I feel when I see a beautiful landscape or eat wonderful food – and Jo’s workshop showed me not only how I can do it, but also that I can! Brilliant!” …Jennifer

“A bit of everything to stimulate creativity. I especially enjoyed painting and the meditation session”….Anna

“Working with creativity has given me a new dimension to my life. Not artistic by nature, it has shown me that you can be creative in other ways. It has enabled me to ‘let go’ and ‘lighten up’ and I feel that this in turn has carried through into other aspects of my life”….Gordon

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