Creative Arts Therapy is a bridge between mind and body

  • Experiment, experience and let your senses EXPAND!
  • Play, draw, paint, create and let your confidence SOAR!

What is Creative Arts Therapy?
Creative Art Therapy uses art, movement, sound and play, metaphor and role play to help people to express themselves within the safe environment of a therapeutic relationship.

Let yourself just ‘go with the flow’ and let the wisdom of your body guide you as you start to express yourself through the creative arts.

Be curious at the simplest things like the shape of a new doodle appearing on the paper. Discover how different colours seem to react together or how a simple sound can touch you deeply.

The joy of creative expression – it is a wonderful tool for self-healing to:

  • Experience more of those feel good moments in your life
  • Relieve stress and enhance your well-being
  • Refocus your mind
  • Stimulate your imagination
  • Solve problems
  • Enhance your self esteem

When we enter the world of creativity, we are entering the world of our imagination and the world of non-verbal communication, where image, sound and movement reside in the depths of our being, we can at last acknowledge the subtlety of the language of a new part of ourselves that has been waiting patiently to be heard,

We can discover inner resources for our health and well-being when we become aware of the body’s non-verbal language. We can discover a new dimension within ourselves to centre and inspire us. When we ‘tune into’ our bodies, we are ‘tuning’ into the wisdom of our body-minds.

Experiment, experience, & let your senses EXPAND!

There is a special dynamic in creating unselfconsciously with others as I discovered as I expressed with my arms outstretched, the joy I felt seeing flowers growing in my garden after a very long and challenging winter. Sharing the experience with the group was a magical moment and reinforced that feel-good factor for me which had been a turning point in my life.

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