Integrative Therapies

Massage and Healing
I combine healing with a massage treatment where I sense areas of the body that are very stressed or too painful to be touched.

Massage and Relaxation
Massage and Relaxation Session: This is both a self-awareness and relaxation session to help clients discover their own tools for self healing, and become aware of the importance of the breath in maintaining good health to calm and balance the whole person. I initially work with guided meditation and relaxation prior to the massage, and I find invariably that there has been a marked difference in the level of stress as I commence the treatment.

Creative Bodywork
This incorporates some element of creative expression within a bodywork session, such as working with intuitive movement, which gives the body permission to move spontaneously, or to ‘free flow’ over the paper and draw a “splurgy” picture of their feelings when I sense a person has a feeling that they are not able to articulate during a session.

It is learning to listen to the stories our bodies are telling us that can validate our healing process.

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