Parenting workshops

Groups, Workshops and Individual Sessions
A Self Development Programme and individually designed sessions to enhance you and your family’s wellbeing to discover the joy of spiritual parenting and the spontaneity of the inner child, so often neglected in today’s mechanised world where television and computers take centre stage and life is stressful amidst the rush of everyday living!

If you are relaxed your child will be too!
Time for Me provides a special environment for you to relax and to rediscover the joy of your creative self, to be nurtured and supported, to learn to value yourself and to learn the importance of listening skills in the healing process.

Family life takes on a different dimension when you learn to value yourself and schedule some ‘Time For Me’ in your day.

  • Discover the magic of childhood spontaneity and wonder.
  • Put ‘musts, shoulds, and oughts’ onto the scrap heap.
  • Discover the joy of creativity through play.

Rediscover the magic of the inner child.

A few moments when you can relax and make time to give your child some ‘me time’, however busy you are, can be a special time shared for both of you.

Discover the joy of togetherness away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the day.

I have discovered that sharing precious moments with members of my family, of re-discovering my playful inner child, of learning the importance of just being there without judgement to encourage spontaneity and to nurture their self-esteem have helped to strengthen and empower the family.

Small groups are held in my home in North London. Duration 8 weeks.
I also run workshops and one-to-one sessions
Please note that everything discussed within my groups remain confidential.

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